I’m Adam Lorton

I help POs make the transition from volume to value without leaving money on the table.

Adam is a tremendous asset in helping make difficult business decisions and offering practical solutions to run a business more smoothly.

Kim Speese

Executive Director, Munson CIN


Capture More VBR. If you’re leaving more than $500k / year on the table in value-based reimbursement, I’ll help you focus on the one thing that will move the needle.

Rigorous Decision Analysis. If you’re trying to get your Board or SLT to make a high-stakes decision, I’ll help you make a rigorous analysis and a confident recommendation.

Project Advisory. If you’re investing in a new data project, I’ll help you make sure the project delivers a positive ROI.

I have always had a negative view on working with consultants. They come in and tell you what you need to do without investment in the actual process.

We have had the exact opposite experience with Adam. He jumped in with our team to really identify our gaps and support practical solutions based on where we are at, along with setting us up for future success.

Beth Oberhaus

Director of Population Health, Northern Michigan Care Partners

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